Re: Internet Data Matching problem

Mike Tate

It is nothing to do with whether you use Internet Explorer or not, as it is an essential inherent component of Windows.

When programs like FH want to present a browser window they have to use the IE Shell.

But sometimes the IE Shell version needs resetting and the Plugin will do that, or you may have to reset IE itself as explained in the wiki.

That should get the FH Web Search Window working and you must Sign in to FMP via that FH window to retrieve records.

It is worth fixing otherwise other FH related features may not work correctly.

Regards, Mike Tate


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Subject: Re: [family-historian] Internet Data Matching problem




Thanks. It all becomes clear from the wiki, I don't use Internet Explorer hence the problem. It does open in the External Web Browser, slightly less convenient but it works.





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You can post wherever is most convenient, but it is a bit easier to refer to the FHUG Knowledge Base from the FHUG Forums than here.

Does it work OK if you choose an External Web Browser?

If so, then try running the Write Reg IE Shell Version Plugin.

Full details are explained in


Regards, Mike Tate


From: <> On Behalf Of Robert Flood via Groups.Io
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Subject: [family-historian] Internet Data Matching problem


I seem to have a problem with Internet Data Matching. I have matching enabled with Find my Past and in the Focus Window I can clearly see a roundel with a green figure in each person's entry. However when I click on the link the Web Search Window opens and is completely empty except for the address in the bar. I cannot find any way of checking the link and the information at does not seem to cover this. What am I doing wrong? Apologies if I should have posted this on FHUG, not sure what should go where.


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