Re: Plugin - Files in media folder and not linked to project

Adrian Bruce

On Sat, Feb 13, 2021, 15:44 James Pam <jamespam1@...> wrote:

I am trying to get to grips with plugin. : ‘files in media folder and not linked to project’. ...

 I don’t understand what this  plugin is telling me and I am struggling to understand what it is meant to do.

I don’t have any unlinked media.


Quite possibly it's not telling you anything useful at all - it depends on how you work. 

To try to recap - inside Family Historian, there are Media Records that are linked to files out there, usually in your Project folder. 

FH menu item Tools / External File Links will check that the Media Records in FH really do point to an existing file out there. (Files that you can see using Windows Explorer).

What that plugin does is a check in the Reverse direction - it looks in the Project's media folder and checks whether the file (file in the Windows sense) has been linked to a Media Record in FH or not.

If it finds one, it tells you about it in some fashion. 

This warning might be meaningful or meaningless depending on how you work. 

Me, I have 2 sets of sub folders in my project media folder. One set is for to-do images etc that I've downloaded but haven't turned into Source Records in FH yet. The other set is for those that I have linked via Media Records to Source Records. 

So if I ran that plugin, I'd get dozens of files that haven't been linked. Well, yes, they are those in my to-do folders! Because of that, the plugin doesn't do anything useful for me and I've never run it in living memory. Whether the plugin picks up absolutely any file in the project media folder, I don't know because there might be all sorts of other files in there that I've not linked - eg text files telling me what an image file's origin was.

On the other hand, for someone who uses their Project media folder only for media items that go into FH, and processes them all pretty much immediately, the plugin acts to say "You missed this one..." 

Note that I don't use this plugin for reasons that are written above, so I may have missed something.


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