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Victor Markham

Well said Lorna

I have close on 80,000 names and more than half are not directly related

One part of a spouse will not be directly related but their children will be.

Only yesterday I was working on my tree and added a new name to an unrelated individual. That new addition changed connections with other names. Though still not directly related it moved things a bit closer.

There is nothing wrong with retaining all the names you have. You have done the research and even if there is no direct relationship there is still a 'link' somewhere.

FH is the software I work on and from time to time I copy the tree details to FTM. Unlike FH FTM tells me the connection to the person on the tree. One example says ' 1st cousin 2 times removed of husband of 3rd cousin. That alone tells m the link even if I have to work it out. I just wish it gave names in addition to the connection details


On 12/03/2020 7:45 pm, Lorna Craig via Groups.Io wrote:


Before you do anything, it's worth noting that some FH users have huge files with tens of thousands of people in them.  FH is very good at handling large numbers of records and it will do no harm to leave all those distant cousins in your file.  Personally I would never delete any research.  However if you really want to delete some of them do make a copy of your entire project first in case you make any mistakes.  I would recommend keeping it as an archive anyway, because it might be useful one day.

In the Records window, Individuals tab, you can click on the heading of the Relationship to Root column to sort the records by relationship to you (assuming you are the file root).  You can then see just how many of each type you have and, if you really want to remove some groups, they can be selected in the Records Window and added to a Named List.  (Multiple records can be selected at once by holding down the Alt key while clicking the first and last in the group).

Remember that in addition to deleting those Individual records you will also need to delete any Note Records, Multimedia Records, Source Records, Repository Records and Place records which would be left unused after the deletion of the Individuals.  Use File > Split Tree Helper and select Delete all Individual records found by the Individual Query below, and use the Named List Members query.  In the 'Other Records' section set all the options to Delete ... Records left with no links to them.  Unfortunately the Split Tree Helper does not delete unused Place Records so you will need to do that afterwards by selecting  any Place records with no links (in the Records Window) and adding them to a Named List for deletion.


List > Delete Named List Records. 

On 12/03/2020 18:39, Chris Wake wrote:

When I first start researching my Family History 20 years ago I put no limitations on who I should include in my Tree. Subsequently I now have over 5000 individuals who I am related to in one way or another. This has become unmanageable and makes research harder. What I’d like to do is trim my tree by restriction my “sideways” ancestors (I’m sure there is a correct genealogical term for this but I don’t know it) to 3 units. At the moment I have 4th,5th,6th , 7th cousins X Removed etc. included but would like to restrict this to a maximum of 3rd cousins. Is there a function / value in Family Historian that will give me the “sideways” value so I can write a query listing all 4th + cousins in my tree, and so remove them all.





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