Re: Prison record

Adrian Bruce

On Wed, 10 Feb 2021 at 08:47, colevalleygirl@...
<colevalleygirl@...> wrote:
I record time in prison as a Residence event, with approx. dates if I don’t have exact dates. ...
How interesting. I'd never have thought of that. Well, in honesty, I
doubt I'd do that myself - the closest I came to doing it was
considering whether my grandfathers' should have a Residence of
"France & Flanders" during WW1 and deciding against it because they
got the vote in their "home" constituency and it didn't seem right to
alter their Residence away from that.

Makes me wonder how many subtle differences there are in our usages -
such as using the standard "Occupation" for military service instead
of a Custom Attribute? I doubt such differences matter for most of


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