Re: Prison record

As I said, it’s a valid suggestion, but how would you handle an Acquittal (no Criminal Record, no Conviction, no Criminal History)?


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Subject: Re: [family-historian] Prison record


My example of a Conviction attribute was just that ~ an example of Sentence Template options.

I also suggested Criminal Record and Criminal History.

The main point was to consider making the custom fact Name/Label as generic as reasonably possible.



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Subject: Re: [family-historian] Prison record


Mike, my fact is specifically designed to record the Court Appearance event, and use the Note field as flexibly as possible. Your suggestion is valid, but does something else...  Would you also have a Acquitted fact, because using one of your suggestions would have the bizarre result of e.g. a Conviction fact with a sentence saying they were acquitted.  Which doesn’t work well in a summary report...


The Court Appearance fact also caters for civil court appearances.


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