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Mike Tate

It might be more appropriate to use a more generic fact name/label such as Criminal Record, Criminal History or Conviction.

{individual} was convicted {date} {place} {age}


If you make it a custom Attribute then its value could describe the crime and the sentence.

{place} {date} {age}, {individual} was convicted< of {value}>


In The Central Criminal Court about 1910 aged 30, he was convicted of GBH and sentenced to 12 and 7 years to run concurrently.


In some cases, it may be necessary to customise the Sentence for specific instances of the fact.


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It’s a very simple fact definition. (I won’t attach a screenshot as that will go into moderation).


Name and Label both Court Appearance

Normal Tim Frame: Live

No witness roles

Sentence: {individual} appeared in court {date} {place} {age}


Fields required: Date, Place, Note, Age


I don’t use Address so haven’t included that, and frankly I’m not convinced the address of the court is relevant.




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Thanks – however this one isn’t that easy
No record of a court case that I can find in the papers (Battersea area of London is very poorly covered)
All I have is the Crime Report from the TNA CRIM9 -
Central Criminal Court: After Trial Calendars Of Prisoners on FindMyPast
These record the crime (no dates) the sentence (in his case 12 and 7 years to run concurrently)
He was in Brixton prison in 1911 and I suspect when 1921 comes out he will probably be in Dartmoor
Suddenly realised that it will be in the oldbaileyonline -

Second wife divorces him in 1915
In 1935 he marries for the third time and finally dies in 197

So I suppose a source of the CRIM record and can link that to his 1911 census and also a court appearance (any chance of a copy of the fact from you?)



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