Re: FH7 and One-name Studies

John Hanson

On a survey of members of the Guild of One-name studies a couple of years ago FH came out top of the list
But you are comparing two different things – Custodian is a record recording system (a bit like a sophisticated excel spreadsheet) whereas FH is a means of drawing your trees
To do a one-name study properly you probably need both and to an extent will depend on the potential size of the study
I use FH for my own study (currently about 5000 names) but also for the Halstead study (35,000 and about 1,000 pools of families simply because I can’t find the record to link them!)

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I am looking into doing a one-name study, and was wondering whether FH7 could be used for this purpose. Has anyone any idea or experience of this? I have been directed to the Custodian software, but don’t see the point if FH7 can do the same job.


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