Re: Prison record

I have a custom fact for Court Appearance, with the details recorded in the note, e.g.


He was found guilty of wounding during a scuffle while drunk and sentenced to 9 calendar months Hard Labour. His son Henry Richard Roberts (10 years old at the time) gave evidence in his defence.”


I record time in prison as a Residence event, with approx. dates if I don’t have exact dates.






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Family history of course is about all records not jus the good ones
I have a 3th cousin three times removed (part of my personal one-name study that does back to a single progenitor in 1670) who was a naught boy in 1911 (have carnal knowledge as the prison record says)

I have the crime record sheet from FMP and having scoured FHUG and this list can’t find a way to record it

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