Re: Help in comparing FH Gedcom with Ancestry Gedcom

Victor Markham

If you use 'merge' it doesd not automatically nerge the two as it opens both to give a comparison of the two and allows you to select which are right and discard the other


On 09/02/2021 9:21 am, John Clarke via wrote:

Hi all

I have got myself into a bit of a mess. I have been using Ancestry for my family tree in conjunction with FH. I use Ancestry as I and my family have done DNA tests, so it has been very useful to discover new relatives. However, my discipline of trying to dual maintain both databases has fallen down and now I have about 500 more records on Ancestery than in my FH project.

I have downloaded the Ancestry gedcom and made a comparison to the FH gedcom, but in reality I just don’t know where to start in trying to construct the missing relatives into the FH tree.

I don't want to press merge - I have made back-ups, because i do want to validate each record to ensure that it is attaching to the right person. Also I know there are some errors in Ancestry due to transcription mistakes, that I have researched and corrected in FH.

What approach would you recommend please?

Apologies for the conundrum. Will spend more time and effort in the future in dual maintaining the two databases.

John Clarke

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