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John Hanson


My personal file, which includes my small one-name study, which I started nearly 40 years ago now has 25,000 in it
I also do the research for the Halsted Trust (an educational family history charity) and that file has nearly 40,000 in it with over 700 John Halstead’s
You just get used to filtering the data and I make extensive use of flags to identify branches of the tree


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Subject: [family-historian] Trimming My Family Tree In FH


When I first start researching my Family History 20 years ago I put no limitations on who I should include in my Tree. Subsequently I now have over 5000 individuals who I am related to in one way or another. This has become unmanageable and makes research harder. What I’d like to do is trim my tree by restriction my “sideways” ancestors (I’m sure there is a correct genealogical term for this but I don’t know it) to 3 units. At the moment I have 4th,5th,6th , 7th cousins X Removed etc. included but would like to restrict this to a maximum of 3rd cousins. Is there a function / value in Family Historian that will give me the “sideways” value so I can write a query listing all 4th + cousins in my tree, and so remove them all.





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