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Richard Hooke

Hi John

Your circumstances raise a number of questions of probate/L of A  law


How old were they

 Is there a will

Who died first or deemed to have died first

Were there relatives who had been abroad or prisoners of war

HM Treasury Solicitor suggests  no relatives could be found

A probate /LOA is often required for title to properties

Interesting to speculate




From: [] On Behalf Of John Hanson
Sent: 05 February 2021 23:15
Subject: [family-historian] Revoked will


I have just comes across something that is a rarity and can find nothing in the knowledge base or forum that seems to covers it


The Louisa and her husband John died together in 1940 in the crypt of St Peter’s church, Walworth where they were sheltering during an air-raid.


There is no will for John but there is an administration by the H M Treasury Solicitor in 1942 for her estate valued at nearly £1,200 (at lot of money in 1940)


When looking at the entry for that there is a pencilled note saying that the entry was revoked in 1950 and a new administration re-spawn (I currently have no idea who the person requesting the administration is but must be family somewhere!)

Whilst I can happily record the two administration is a question of how to record the revoking – anyone any thoughts?


John Hanson

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