Re: Revoked will

John Hanson


Thanks – I might well have it in the Halstead files with over 3500 wills (going to have to straighten them out when I bring the file over from TMG!)
But I think that your idea works – can always go find them if need be
Revoked wills are more likely I suspect – I doubt that the Treasury still have the papers!
Will have to go ask the guru on all things genealogical




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I've never heard of a revoked Admon either - presumably distribution of the estate had not completed, else there'd be no point in revoking the Admon? 


For the revoking, as it's something that is unlikely to appear again very often, if at all, I'd probably just record the 2 grants of Letters of Administration, and in the notes for the second grant, I'd record the revoking there. Add a similar note to the first grant, if you like. 


If you don't use fact notes and don't want to start, then I guess that a custom event would be the way to go. 

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