Re: A silly mistake - how to correct

John Hanson


Thanks – Still sounds counter intuitive to my brain
My test database has the test ones set to “project only” just to be certain

So if I want to make changes say to the Probate fact (current version doesn’t show the executots especially is they are not member of the family) if I copy and create my own then any changes that Calico Pie make will not affect it?




From: <> On Behalf Of Mike Tate
Sent: 05 February 2021 10:27
Subject: Re: [family-historian] A silly mistake - how to correct


It is a copy but <eclipses> the standard fact.

If you click Show Hidden you will see all copies.

Just delete the copied fact and the standard fact will be reinstated.

BTW: Altering Fact Types affects all Projects unless your Custom facts are in the current Project only.


Mike Tate


From: <> On Behalf Of John Hanson
Sent: 05 February 2021 09:41
Subject: Re: [family-historian] A silly mistake - how to correct


Would have helped to make sure that I was working on my test project when I was playing around with facts.

I did it for creating my new ones and thought I was still in it when I used the copy option to copy a standard fact to my own custom ones so that I could have a play around without affecting the main one.

However Copy is NOT copy it moves it and now I can’t get it back to the Standard set as that is “out of bounds”

How can I get it back the way it was


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