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Robert Newberry

Hello again John

I sort of see what you are saying. I also use Ancestry and had the same result, they also wrote back and said having two shown lines is correct. I've attached a very simplified tree to show my problem. I wonder if you would be kind enough just to have a look at it and confirm that's as it should be.

Very many thanks


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Thanks so much John. Let me study this and get back to you later.
Best wishes.

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If you mean in diagrams it is just showing you that the person appears in two trees
No way to stop it (unless something sneaked into FH7 that I am yet to find!) but there has been many discussions over the years on how to reduce the impact of the ribbons

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My first post! Hi everyone.
My Family Historian 7 seems to be having a problem coping with first cousins marrying. As soon as I try and link to the shared grandparents, it keeps giving me two duplicated lines of descent. I have a James Edmonds marrying an Ethel Parker. James Edmonds mother was Elizabeth Burr. Ethel parkers mother was Emma Burr. The parents of Elizabeth and Emma Burr are one of the same - Jonathon Burr. i've completly started from scrtach on numerous occasions, but with always the same result. Unfortunately, it really messes up the tree. Hope this makes sense! Any help you can give me would be much appreciated. Many thanks.
Bob N.

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