Re: Unable to open file. File not found.

Mike Tate

If the name of the Project has changed then that is probably the cause.

The FHUG Knowledge Base has an article on Project Structure:


There are four folders and files that are crucial to a valid Project structure.

Under the Family Historian Projects folder, there is the Project folder.

If the Project name is XYZ then that folder is named XYZ

In that folder is the FH Project File named XYZ.fh_proj

Also, there is the FH data folder named XYZ.fh_data

That holds the GEDCOM file named XYZ.ged


If any one of those is disrupted then the Project has problems.


Mike Tate



From: <> On Behalf Of Connie Williams
Sent: 31 January 2021 21:10
Subject: [family-historian] Unable to open file. File not found.


In my basic Project Window, I have suddenly discovered that 'the file cannot be found.' I can see that somehow the name of my project has become altered.  Probably the cause?    My backup in Documents and another in an external drive seem to be unaffected.  Could you point me to an instruction to read and learn from if there is one?  I  am still in FH6 and have not tried to get to grips with 7 yet.


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