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Mike Tate

Hi Tom,

Fundamentally, you are suffering the teething problems of any major software upgrade.

Many current users have not faced these issues as the FH V5 to V6 upgrade happened 6 years ago.


Regarding the Property Box, are you talking about the Facts tab +Add Fact button not listing To Do?

You can still add To Do facts via the More Fact Types… option.

Once you find the To Do Attribute there, click More>> then Edit… and tick Fast-Add Menu.


The View menu is now the long way to open Reports and Queries.

Use the Publish and Query icons on the toolbar instead.


Those Custom Reports were present in FH V6 and not magically invented by FH V7.


Initially, all Custom Queries are listed together just as they were in FH V6.

When you go to choose Queries you will see there are 8 group categories to help you find a Query.

After selecting a To Do query and choosing View ensure the General tab is open.

At the bottom, you can assign the query to up to three existing groups or <Add New…> group.

For advice, hit the F1 keyboard button, go to The General Tab and the groups are explained.


There is a lot for you to discover about FH V7…


Mike Tate


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Subject: [family-historian] To Do List reports


Back in 2017 with a great deal of help and advice from Mike Tate in particular, I managed to create a To Do function.


Since upgrading to V7 my To Do List function has changed.


In the Property Box under the Fact tab there was a To Do option. The To Do option in the Fact tab of the Property Box no longer appears. It still shows in older records I have created it but not in new ones I am creating. Is there a way to get it back?


Under Custom Queries I could run a To Do Tasks for each of the individual events involved (Birth, Marriage, Death or Census) or a To Do List that contained all of them. I got them under Custom Queries and selected either To Do List or To do Tasks and the respective report was shown.

It now seems to be much more complicated (for me) to achieve the same thing.


I now find If I go View>Publish>Custom Reports I get two further options.

a) To Do List which gives all the to do items for the individual record currently shown in the Property Box.

b) To Do Tasks for the individual record currently shown in the Property Box with a drop down selection showing other individuals and an option to browse for others. I do not think this option was in V6 or if so I never noticed it.


If I go View>Query>All Custom Reports and click on it I get a pop up box showing To Do List and To Do Tasks. Whichever one I highlight I have the option to Run, View, Delete or Close.

Run does as it says and produces the report selected, either all B,M,D or C or the individual item selected.

View opens the set up page for the query (Custom) selected with tabs General, Columns, Rows, Result Set.

I presume this would allow the query to be amended?


If I go View>Query there is also an option shown as follows <New/ungrouped queries> Clicking on this gives the options To Do List which if selected produces the all B, M, D or Census report. Selecting the To Do Tasks gives a pop up to select which single item is required and the produces it.


Is there a way to simplify the above? 

If I can find them, could the settings used in V6 to set this up be used in V7?




Tom Gray

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