Re: Problem with citations

Mike Tate

Luckily, you are wrong, and your data is all OK but viewed differently.

See FHUG Knowledge Base ~ Sources and Citations in Version 7 (for Upgraders)

Also the FH V7 Help for What's New in Family Historian 7? under New Citation Window.


From: <> On Behalf Of Douglas Sparks
Sent: 28 January 2021 12:15
Subject: [family-historian] Problem with citations


In FHv.6 I used the “Where within” box in “Citation specific details” on its own to record my reference (eg DALE Album 15/ page 67) to the location in one of my many loose leaf albums of the piece of paper from which the entry was taken (eg print-out of census return etc).  This has worked well from when I started using FH, I think with v.3.

On upgrading to v.7 these references have disappeared.  In retrospect, I think I have misunderstood both the Source and citation boxes and misused the Citation box by not completing it fully but “Where within” appeared to be just what I required.

I imagine this now means having to find and re-enter the reference to every fact for each of the 3,246 persons recorded!  Please tell me I am wrong!   A possible saving grace is that I still have back-ups of my old v.6 (admittedly some months old) but other than buying a second PC and running v.6 on that and then manually re-entering in v.7 I can’t think of how to overcome the problem.   The last option, and a very retrograde one, I can think of would be to revert to V.6 which, obviously, I would prefer not to do.

I have searched FHUG for anyone with a similar problem but had no results.

Many thanks in anticipation of your assistance.



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