Re: Location for a death in WW1

Adrian Bruce

I think it depends on what reports and charts you want to see. If you're just going to produce basic, tabular reports (as distinct from narratives) then I'd suggest a place name of "Battle of Jutland, North Sea" and an address of "HMS Chester". That would allow you to gather all deaths from that battle because they'll all have the same place name. (Which might not be that useful of course!)

Not sure why David W adds Denmark to the place name unless it was in Danish territorial waters at the time?

If you want to run off a narrative report, the prepositions are all wrong, so maybe keep the values that I suggest but alter that single narrative sentence to replace (or suppress?) the "at" by "on board". 

Really, the decision about whether to put the ship into the place name or the address is just a personal preference when you only have one or two. 

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