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Lorna Craig


Family Historian 3 is now very out of date but if you have it installed on your computer it should still work.   Why are you unable to access it?  

If you purchase and install V7 on the same computer your data will be preserved, but as a precaution you should make a full backup of your V3 Gedcom file and any linked media files first.  (You should always keep backups anyway, in case of computer failure). There have been very many changes since version 3 so it will be a steep learning curve.

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I have been researching my family tree for a number of years and have all the information on Family Historian 3.


I now find that I am unable to access it and a box appears saying buy now.


If I am to purchase should I buy version 6 or 7 and if I do so will all my information still appear as it was, or am I going to just get a blank programme with all my previous work lost?


Can anybody help and advise please.




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