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Adrian Bruce

Michael - I would agree with your understandings for your Chicago examples.

However, for my stuff, I have expanded the town-city element into two
to allow the use of suburb / town-city. For example instead of
"Chicago, Cook, Illinois, United States" I'd have (fictitious example)
"Downtown, Chicago, Cook, Illinois, United States" if I used the
suburb or ", Chicago, Cook, Illinois, United States" if I didn't have
a suburb and wanted to keep to a consistent number of "columns".

As for Wales, well, England, Wales & Scotland follow pretty much the
same pattern except that it's town-city / county / country, thus:
"Holy Trinity, Mostyn St., Llandudno, Caernarfonshire, Wales"
if you put the 2 parts of address into Place (this doesn't have a
suburb element).

Or, if you split:
"Holy Trinity, Mostyn St." for the address and
"Llandudno, Caernarfonshire, Wales" for the place (still with no suburb)

Obviously you can map the Welsh town-city / county / country onto the
US town-city / county / State / country by using an empty column, e.g.
"Llandudno, , Caernarfonshire, Wales" would be 4 columns lining up to
"Chicago, Cook, Illinois, United States"
(Whether you map the Welsh county onto the American county or the
American State is up to you but our county is usually the level below
the country so I'd map it onto the State. But that's me...)

Also with Wales, you have to decide whether to use the Welsh spellings
throughout history or use the contemporary spelling - usually English
- for the earlier events, which would give:
"Llandudno, , Carnarvonshire, Wales" in the 4 column form.

Ireland is different..... Oh so different....

Hope that helps,

On Mon, 25 Jan 2021 at 03:24, michael fike <postalcae@...> wrote:

Looking for advice. New user with FH … coming from Rootsmagic.

Place and address setup (columns). I haven’t decided on how to use each. I am going through examples in my tree and see how they work with FH.

I have the following location …

St. Michael Church, 8237 South Shore Drive, Chicago, Cook, Illinois, United States.

If I lump the location only in Place or Address, I will need 6 columns. Name, street&number, city, county, state, and country. Correct?

If I split between place and address I would have 2 columns for address, and 4 columns for place. Correct?

Place: Chicago, Cook, Illinois, United States

Address: St. Michael Church, 8237 South Shore Drive

What if I have just the street & address (no name)? IE: 1234 Water St., Chicago, Cook, Illinois, United States. I would still need a leading entry ( , ) for name correct?

The entry would look like …

,1234 Water St., Chicago, Cook, Illinois, United States

Do I have a correct understanding?

Lastly … I do have ancestors in Wales which I have not researched yet. For proper locations in the UK (Wales) how many columns would I need for place if I put ALL the information in place?

How many columns in place and address if I split the location?

Any advice would be appreciated.


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