Re: FH6

Mike Tate

Does the FH V6 bought for Christmas come with a free upgrade to FH V7?

Was it a download bought from Calico Pie which should have a free upgrade, or bought elsewhere which may or may not have a free upgrade?


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Sent: 25 January 2021 10:46
Subject: [family-historian] FH6


Hello there
Hope you can help - I am in a right muddle. IT and tech scares me witless!  And I cannot get my usual friendly help in to help me out due to lock down! 

Due to various computer and laptop break downs etc etc I have FH6 installed on my PC but not on my laptop.  I have lost my licence number and cannot install on my new laptop. 

So family thought it would be a good idea to buy me FH6 for Christmas unknowingly before FH7 came out.  Unfortunately I haven't been able to load it and work with it yet.  Am I still able to load Version 6 and then upgrade to 7? 

Also, all my projects are saved in Dropbox -  FH opens in Dropbox and that is where I work on them.  If I delete the old version and install the new will my projects be save in Dropbox and will the new version open my projects from Dropbox?

Thanks for any help.  

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