New user place/address advice

michael fike

Looking for advice.  New user with FH … coming from Rootsmagic.

Place and address setup (columns).  I haven’t decided on how to use each.  I am going through examples in my tree and see how they work with FH.

I have the following location …

St. Michael Church, 8237 South Shore Drive, Chicago, Cook, Illinois, United States.

If I lump the location only in Place or Address, I will need 6 columns. Name, street&number, city, county, state, and country.  Correct?

If I split between place and address I would have 2 columns for address, and 4 columns for place.  Correct?

               Place:  Chicago, Cook, Illinois, United States

               Address:  St. Michael Church, 8237 South Shore Drive

What if I have just the street & address (no name)?  IE:  1234 Water St., Chicago, Cook, Illinois, United States.  I would still need a leading entry ( , ) for name correct?

The entry would look like …

               ,1234 Water St., Chicago, Cook, Illinois, United States

Do I have a correct understanding?

Lastly … I do have ancestors in Wales which I have not researched yet.  For proper locations in the UK (Wales) how many columns would I need for place if I put ALL the information in place?

How many columns in place and address if I split the location?

Any advice would be appreciated.


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