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All the commercial websites use the same database provided by the GRO from entries from 1984 onwards

It was updated yearly until 2005 when they stopped providing the updates


The new GRO website has the data post 2005 however it is missing some of the information on both births and deaths and of course marriages are not included


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I haven't checked Ancestry yet but thanks for letting me know

We just need the GRO plug in to reflect this


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After that date the GRO started quoting the month of registration and this can be seen on Ancestry searches.
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I guessed that what is needed is for the plugin to reflect this so we can just mention the year

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Hi Victor, 


The GRO stopped using quarter's at that time. FreeBMD is only reflecting the change. 




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I have used the GRO plugin quite a lot

It is great but on FreeBMD after 1983 it doesn't list the quarters.

Is there an option on GRO just to show the year he event took place

As things are I always end up with the first quarter. Is there a way of
leaving this blank i.e. not showing a quarter


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