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Mike Tate

It is a bug that needs reporting to Calico Pie via
I have the same symptoms that are due to various subsidiary fields added to a Fact.
In the case of the Death event it is due to the Cause field.
Actually, any fact can have a Cause field and has the same effect.
The problem also affects Individual Summary Reports.

Mike Tate

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I am having a problem trying to solve a puzzle with familty group sheets. I don't remember what my options were with version 6, but
I know that with deaths of individuals, what I got looked like this:
Death 29 Dec 1879 (age 75) Brompton, Kensington, Middlesex
Cause: heart disease
Address: 10 Knaresborough Road, Brompton, Kensington, Middlesex

What I get now - the first linie is the same, but the second is as follows

Cause: heart disease. Address 10 Knaresborough Road, Brompton, Kensington, Middlesex. 10 Knaresborough Road, Brompton,
Kensington, Middlesex

The settings I'm using are
Family members main list - cause of death Hide [ I don't where it comes in the body of the report. I've tried shifting the
position, but it didn't work]

Family members Events / Attributes List

Additional information for events/ attributes Addresses ticked. Display on next line

It appears to be working properly for censuses, births & baptisms, just not for deaths

I'd appreciate any suggestions!
Stella Phillips

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