Re: Reassign Addresses to Place Names plugin.

Adrian Bruce

Forgive me but I'm a touch concerned about what you want / need to do.
The Plug-in won't help at all with updating your "Norfolk" to
"Norfolk, England" (or even "Norfolk, Virginia, USA") In fact, if you
add addresses into your place-names *first*, you'll get a much bigger
job to do because you'll get multiple entries per town in the
place-name, all of which need to be corrected.

Really, you should update the Place-records first to add the
countries, and hopefully you can just do that from the Places tab. If,
of course, you have references to "London" and you don't know if
that's "London, England" or "London, Ontario, Canada", then you have
to go to the people's facts, check it there and update it there.

As for your 2nd stage of adding / merging the address into the
place-name - I'd question why you want to do it. Yes, it's easier to
map individual addresses if you do that - but is that what you want to
do, or do you just need to print reports that make it clear which
Whitchurch it is? The plug-in will give you a very regimented view of
the data - do you need that? You might - but you need to ask yourself
the question...


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