Re: Linking Images

Adrian Bruce

And to tweak what Lorna said - if I run off reports, I seldom print
the images linked to the source records - my reports are long enough
as it is. But the one type of image (in my files) that gets both
linked to a source **and** to an event is an image of a gravestone.
It's linked to the source record that documents the monumental
inscription over a grave because it's a "proof" of that MI. But for
me, I also link the same media image of the gravestone to the Burial
Fact because, to use Lorna's nice description, it illustrates that

Again, I would emphasise that I do this because I don't print those
images linked to source records - if I did print them then I wouldn't
want the same gravestone to be printed twice. Lots of people will do
things differently.


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