Re: Internet Matches - no updating in FHv7 once accepted/rejected

Robert Jordan

You are not alone. The advice from Calico Pie is to use the External web browser rather than the web search facility, which makes one wonder why they have put in a facility and then recommend it be not used.
A cursory examination of the Microsoft website seems to suggest that they have for some time been advising Devolopers to switch (Microsoft Edge came out 5 years ago) and Internet Explorer will cease to be supported some time this year., I think in August so who knows what will happen then

Robert Jordan


On Thu, 21 Jan 2021 at 07:03, ianpmitchell via <> wrote:
I have switched back to using the FH web browser so that the hints update automatically but every now and then get a big banner to say "Internet Explorer is going to stop working, use Edge".

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