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You asked in what circumstances an image would be linked to a Fact.  Mike has given the examples of pictures of a marriage or graduation linked to the corresponding events, or a picture of a house linked to a residence fact.   These types of image "illustrate" the fact rather than adding specific information to it.  An advantage of linking them direct to a fact is that those images will then appear in the main body of the text in a report. 

The marriage certificate,  the graduation certificate or the house deeds, on the other hand, are source documents which supply information about the facts and are better linked to a Source record.  This is especially true if the source is cited several times, as they only need to be linked once. Images linked to Sources can be included in reports but they will be in the Sources section at the end of the report. 


On 09/03/2020 18:56, Mike Tate wrote:

Hi Bob,

Yes, Media images can be linked in various positions and different users have different guidelines, but the following are popular criteria:

  • Pictures of people are linked to the Individual record Property Box > Media tab (or sometimes the Family record) it is also common to use Face Frames to pick out individuals from a group photo.
  • Pictures of a place can be linked to a Place record, but they often do not identify a particular address.
  • Pictures of an event such as a Marriage or a Graduation or maybe a Residence could be linked to a Fact.
  • Source document images can be linked to a Citation usually in conjunction with lumper Method 2 Source records.
  • Source document images are most often linked to a splitter Method 1 Source record.


I would say your examples fall into the last category, even though they don’t contribute much that is factual.


Interesting examples include a picture of a graveyard and a picture of a gravestone.

The former might be linked to a Burial event, but the latter has an inscription which is effectively a source document so link it to a Source record.


Regards, Mike Tate


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I have been an FH user for many years, but have just returned to it after a two year break, owing to other commitments.  In that time I have forgotten a lot and I suspect that a few marbles have also escaped!  I have been tidying my database and would like some input on linking images.  I have a number of images associated with a single person and a single Fact/Event.  Examples are inscriptions in books where the inscription may be the only example that I have of a person’s handwriting, newspaper and other reports which simply say something like ‘The vote of thanks was given by Fred Bloggs’ or ‘The fete was opened by Fred Bloggs’, with no other useful/helpful information.  The only useful information is that the person is still alive at the time.  I tend to use Method 1 for this type of data because inscriptions in books and newspaper reports can often have multiple references.  What I am looking for is some advice on whether to link images of the examples that I have mentioned, and others like them, to the Source or to the Fact (or possibly to both).  Also, under what circumstances would an image be linked to a Fact?


I have tried searching the Knowledge Base without success.  I am using Version 6.2.7.


Bob Brown


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