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Mike Tate

Hi Bob,

Yes, Media images can be linked in various positions and different users have different guidelines, but the following are popular criteria:

  • Pictures of people are linked to the Individual record Property Box > Media tab (or sometimes the Family record) it is also common to use Face Frames to pick out individuals from a group photo.
  • Pictures of a place can be linked to a Place record, but they often do not identify a particular address.
  • Pictures of an event such as a Marriage or a Graduation or maybe a Residence could be linked to a Fact.
  • Source document images can be linked to a Citation usually in conjunction with lumper Method 2 Source records.
  • Source document images are most often linked to a splitter Method 1 Source record.


I would say your examples fall into the last category, even though they don’t contribute much that is factual.


Interesting examples include a picture of a graveyard and a picture of a gravestone.

The former might be linked to a Burial event, but the latter has an inscription which is effectively a source document so link it to a Source record.


Regards, Mike Tate


From: <> On Behalf Of Bob Brown
Sent: 09 March 2020 16:13
Subject: [family-historian] Linking Images


I have been an FH user for many years, but have just returned to it after a two year break, owing to other commitments.  In that time I have forgotten a lot and I suspect that a few marbles have also escaped!  I have been tidying my database and would like some input on linking images.  I have a number of images associated with a single person and a single Fact/Event.  Examples are inscriptions in books where the inscription may be the only example that I have of a person’s handwriting, newspaper and other reports which simply say something like ‘The vote of thanks was given by Fred Bloggs’ or ‘The fete was opened by Fred Bloggs’, with no other useful/helpful information.  The only useful information is that the person is still alive at the time.  I tend to use Method 1 for this type of data because inscriptions in books and newspaper reports can often have multiple references.  What I am looking for is some advice on whether to link images of the examples that I have mentioned, and others like them, to the Source or to the Fact (or possibly to both).  Also, under what circumstances would an image be linked to a Fact?


I have tried searching the Knowledge Base without success.  I am using Version 6.2.7.


Bob Brown


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