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Thank you Lorna and Mike for your help. I had discovered the answer to my problem, but thanks anyway. I positioned the floating Citation window over the bottom of the Sources For pane as it makes it look like the layout I had  in FH6. I like what I have now. I was reluctant to install FH7 as there were so many users finding problems. So far I haven't found any problems with FH7 except there's a customised tab missing from my Property Box, but that's not really important. I'm just using the Sources and Citations in the way I've always done, taking the advice of the experts to leave the Source Templates alone for the time being. I love the new Word Processing features for notes. Altogether I've very happy with vs 7.

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Correction: you can still see the toolbar, below where you have positioned the Citation window.


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In your screenshot I can see that you have positioned the floating Citation Window over the bottom of the ‘Sources for’ pane, obscuring the toolbar for that pane.  If you move the citation window you will see the toolbar in the ‘Sources for ‘ pane has a cog wheel icon.  Click this icon and choose Display Citation As.. and then choose Source Record.  You should now see the name of the Source record displayed.






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