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John Hanson


My suspicion is that they are acting on instructions from TNA and no one had thought of what happens if an entry goes to two lines – I suspect because it is so rare
I have looked at thousands of entries since its release and can honestly say that I have never seen it

Can you send me the details of one please (odd list if need be) And I will have words with my contacts at FMP – being a content provider for them I can sometimes get more answers than others

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I believe FMP do have access to the unredacted records. In my family there are three members, clearly shown in the schedule sub number, but a redacted line. I queried this with FMP and they told me that all it contained was the second line of my father's occupation. They have not unredacted the line in spite of this. To me this raises several issues but most when I see a redacted line I always check the schedule sub No.


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