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John Hanson


As you say each page was transcribed by 11 different people and we can’t blame FMP as it was a stipulation from TNA as they were paranoid about the wrong people getting access to all those living people details. The other stipulation was that it had to be done in the UK and was done through the friends of TNA I understand

Unfortunately they different realise until after publication that some people seem to have added an extra line and that can throw the details out. They hadn’t thought about checking that the number of rows in each column was the same!


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The indexing was definitely done differently. So far as I know, Ancestry bought the redacted images and indexed those. Easy enough (?!)


When FMP did it, they were starting from the full pages and had to produce a complete index, I believe. While it might be thought inevitable that FMP's indexers would need to see the whole page, someone unfortunately had the bright idea of just showing them a column at a time, letting them index the columns and then spinning everything round inside the computer ( before presenting the lines to be redacted). 


The problem with indexing column at a time is that it's dreadfully easy to get punch drunk doing a whole column of similar data and missing something out or double entering. With the result that the transcript can show a line with part of its own data, followed by the data from the row above. 



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