Re: 1939 National Register

Adrian Bruce

On Thu, 14 Jan 2021 at 15:25, <buckleypaddy09@...> wrote:
... I believe that Ancestry arranged with FMP to use the same database at TNA.
Minor point of pedantry but one which might make it more
understandable. I don't believe that there **is** a database at TNA
containing the 1939. There might be a stack of DVDs, tapes, whatever,
containing a back-up version of the (unredacted?) data, but that'll be
unusable without the software. A database isn't just data - it's the
software to access it as well.

The TNA database will be, I believe, running on the FMP servers and
FMP will be administering it for TNA - e.g. unredacting on supply of
DC, etc. **If** I recall correctly, if you access the Register at Kew,
you do it via an interface that drills down into the FMP system -
that's what it looks like. More accurate systems information welcomed!

John - re "I hadn't foreseen more than one countries' archives having
the same references" - not just that, but they're (nearly) all called
"The National Archives"! :-)


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