Re: 1939 National Register

Adrian Bruce

On Thu, 14 Jan 2021 at 12:47, Lorna Craig via
<l.m.craig@...> wrote:
... I think FMP have the transcription rights and Ancestry get their information from them. ...
Bear in mind that TNA's 1939 Register is a digital only accession
(it's not the paper version which, I understand, still resides in
Southport though one wonders if anyone's tempted to recycle it...) So
far as I can see, FMP are TNA's contractor for the imaging, indexing,
redacting, unredacting, etc, so I *think* that Ancestry will have
obtained their (ready redacted) images from FMP. But I have a feeling
that Ancestry did their own indexing because I found something right
on Ancestry that was wrong on FMP. I think.


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