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Mike Tate

Welcome Neil,

You have picked one of the more complex data types to enter.

There are various techniques that people use, but one of the most common involves a companion program called Ancestral Sources.

Whether you use that or not, the end result is a Census event on the Facts tab for each member of the household with a Source Citation that links to a single Source record holding the Census page image and a transcript.

That is summarised in the FHUG Knowledge Base ~ Recording from a Census Record:


However, if some of the terminology above is all very new, then perhaps you need to step back and spend some time understanding how Family Historian works, especially if you are also new to family history research.

See the FHUG Knowledge Base ~ Key Features for Newcomers:


Also, you may be interested in the FHUG Forums at


Mike Tate



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Hello Everyone. I've just joined this group and am very new to Family Historian so please forgive what is probably a very simple question.
I want to enter family groups from the UK censuses into the program. What is the best location for this?  Iget confused with the tabs "Notes", "Facts" and "Main". 
I would also like to enter the data for each individual in the family. Presumably I should use use "Copy" and "Paste" or is there a smarter way to do this?

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