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David Potter

Hi John


I tried that link below but it failed to load the Map having found the place I asked for. I have a FamilySearch account. Is there something else required to get this to work.?


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Whilst Mangotsfield might be in Gloucestershire it is in Keynsham registration district
There are many instances of registration districts crossing the county boundary


There are also instances where the registration district is not an actual place – Cosford in Suffolk that crops up many times in my family


These days I resort to an online gazetteer to sort them out and first port of call is the LDS mapping facility at

Enter a parish and it will give you all the information that you want about it and links to its wiki which is one of the most underused part of the site these days yet one of the most important with link to all online information for a parish


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Your comments do not entirely make sense to me.

Firstly when I enter an event the registration district shows up in the source so I know what it is.


I know that Mangotsfield is in Gloucestershire and Keynsham is in Somerset is because I lived in the area. If the same situation occurred in say Northumberland then I would not have a clue and I think most people would take the same view as me. To look up some gazetteer to check every place name used would I suggest take the whole enjoyment out of studying family history.


I posed a question as to what marker would be used on the map for Mangotsfield, Keynsham, Somerset and gave three optional answers. Your answer was "probably yes"  I do not have a clue what your answer means!!!


I'm afraid you have not convinced me. The map facility was introduced in V6 and I can count on the fingers of one hand the number of times I have used it. From memory it was to look at the map for myself as I had travelled to all continents of the world, the second time was when I entered Banjol, Gambia in a place and found that the marker showed Banjul which is the correct spelling and when I changed my place entry to the correct spelling the marker jumped about 50 miles away!

This is not in my opinion a reliable facility and I for one will not be using it


Robert Jordan


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