Re: Mapping Facility in FH

Robert Jordan

Dear all

Thanks for your contributions. Please note that I only said Users should exercise Caution when using the Map function.

Just to illustrate I will use my own record.
I was born in Bristol at The Bristol Royal Infirmary (although that information was not shown on my Birth Certificate) right in the heart of the city. Bristol itself has for most of its existence been independent of either Somerset or Gloucestershire. My birth was confirmed using BMD records. My Birth certificate shows my fathers address as Staple Hill, Bristol. This was commonly used as a postal address but is not accurate as Staple Hill is in Mangotsfield, Gloucestershire. To overcome this I have recorded a residence fact to show that Staple Hill is in Gloucestershire. I can do this because I know what is factually correct from experience and other documents, however if when researching someone from the 19th century I would only be able to rely on documents especially in localities not well known to me and so it would from my Birth Certificate appear that I was born in Staple Hill, Bristol. How Geocoding would deal with that is anyone's guess.

Recently I noticed that in my own record I had not included an Occupational event that occurred some 20 years ago. I had the Map window open at the time and entered the Place as Banjol, The Gambia. A map marker immediately appeared right over the top of Banjul, The Gambia. I then noticed that I had misspelt and corrected Banjol to Banjul. Then right before my eyes the map marker jumped about 50 miles to the east.

I know many people wish to embrace automated technology however I would still exercise caution.

I would thank Adrian for his contribution as he took the trouble to put the Place I gave him into two different geocoding software One came up with no result and the other Keynsham Police Station!!! I know my Grandparents were definitely not wed in a Police Station

Robert Jordan


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