Re: Importance Value of various Birth Sources

Mike Tate

Hi David,

Your list is quite rational although early Census records may be more contemporary than later Marriage, Death, or Burial records.

In the Sources For yellow citations panel use the black up/down arrows to move the Source records into the desired precedence order.

Also the Assessment for each Source Citation could say how reliable you believe the information to be.

That should be just for the Birth information in this case, and will partly depend on how contemporary the record is.

i.e. a Birth Certificate or Baptism record is most contemporary with the Birth event, but later records less so, with Death or Burial being least contemporary.


Regards, Mike Tate


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Subject: [family-historian] Importance Value of various Birth Sources


Hi Forum.

I'm looking for advice on how to 'weight' birth sources in degree of importance. Of course not all will/may exist in my list below, and some will contain lesser info that others. But I'm looking for a recommendation on how to Rank the following types of Sources that support the Birth of an Individual.

I have one order of importance in mind: Birth Certifcate (if exists), Baptism, Death Certicate (if exists), Burial, Census - 1939, Marriage Certificate (if exists)

Can I have your views please.

Thank you

David Potter

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