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Victor Markham


I have just done another check. This time checked all the names I worked on when adding the census details v AS. I found all those names have disappeared. There were 6 of them.

Sorry I don't have a clue what to do about FAMC and those other references you mentioned

I will keep the exception log.


On 08/01/2021 10:31 am, Mike Tate wrote:


There are several oddities about that Exception Report.

None of the 2 _SHAR lines has a @I123@ link to an Individual record as the Shared Fact Witness.

The _FAMC should be FAMC and that explains why the Family as Child links are all broken.

There was an error reported last month that involved FAMC and PEDI/_PEDI  tags that was never resolved.

I suggest you preserve as much evidence of the errors as possible, i.e. Exception Log and GEDCOM.

Mike Tate


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To: Family History <>
Subject: [family-historian] Errors


I have been working on my FH tree and after just added some census details I got this message I have V7

Family Historian Exception Report - Friday 08 Jan 2021

  Lines marked "EXCLUDED:" indicate data which has not
  been loaded, and explain why it wasn't loaded.

  Indented lines marked "EXCLUDED BRANCH LINE:" indicate
  data lines which are not necessarily invalid in
  themselves but which have had to be excluded as a
  consequence of excluding other lines.

  Lines marked "INFO ONLY:" indicate data that has
  been successfully loaded, but where special action
  was needed to load it (e.g. GEDCOM errors detected
  and automatically corrected by Family Historian).

Record Type=Individual. Gedcom Id=I11117. Record Number=10964.
l.229957 - EXCLUDED: invalid line           : "2  _SHAR "
    l.229958 - EXCLUDED BRANCH LINE:        : "3  ROLE Informant"
    l.229959 - EXCLUDED BRANCH LINE:        : "3  SOUR "
    l.229960 - EXCLUDED BRANCH LINE:        : "4  PAGE Death Certificate"
    l.229961 - EXCLUDED BRANCH LINE:        : "4  DATA "
    l.229962 - EXCLUDED BRANCH LINE:        : "5  DATE 24 DEC 2015"
    l.229963 - EXCLUDED BRANCH LINE:        : "4  QUAY 3"

Record Type=Individual. Gedcom Id=I11880. Record Number=11684.
l.246511 - EXCLUDED: invalid line           : "2  _SHAR "
    l.246512 - EXCLUDED BRANCH LINE:        : "3  ROLE Informant"

Record Type=Individual. Gedcom Id=I21933. Record Number=21444.
l.408998 - EXCLUDED: invalid line           : "1  _FAMC "
    l.408999 - EXCLUDED BRANCH LINE:        : "2  _PEDI Step (father)"
    l.409000 - EXCLUDED BRANCH LINE:        : "2  _PEDI Birth (mother)"

Record Type=Individual. Gedcom Id=I29483. Record Number=28832.
l.544304 - EXCLUDED: invalid line           : "2  _SHAR "
    l.544305 - EXCLUDED BRANCH LINE:        : "3  ROLE Informant"
    l.544306 - EXCLUDED BRANCH LINE:        : "3  SOUR "
    l.544307 - EXCLUDED BRANCH LINE:        : "4  PAGE Death Certificate"
    l.544308 - EXCLUDED BRANCH LINE:        : "4  DATA "
    l.544309 - EXCLUDED BRANCH LINE:        : "5  DATE 25 DEC 2015"
    l.544310 - EXCLUDED BRANCH LINE:        : "4  QUAY 3"

The numeric portion of Gedcom Ids have been retained as Record Ids.  Use these to match entries to

It opened up on my name with no other family connections shown. I checked my brother and father details they too were alone.

I have also checked other names it appear they have all become stand alone names

Looks as if all names on my tree have become isolated



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