Re: Errors

Victor Markham

I am using the correct version of AS havin g downloaded the latest verson. I had used it yesterday and things worked normaly as it always has in the past. When I added the census details of a person and saved it FH then opened at that person as t always has. This mornong it didn't. It opened at the root person (i.e. me) . Just did a check on my details. All the images I had on there have disappeared. In fact all images on every name have all gone. All this is in the FH Project which I always use.


On 08/01/2021 9:55 am, Ros wrote:
Make sure you are using the correct version of Ancestral Sources for Version 7,  you must have Ancestral Sources 7.

If you are on 7 for both and still have a problem you need to report the problem on FHUG.  

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