Re: Geocoding

Graham Kent

I've recently had some problems with the Geocoding in fH7 (my own fault not the program), so I have used a fairly simple approach, as follows -

1. Open the Place in fH7 so that you can edit it (various methods - see Help file),
2. Copy the name of the place (such as 'LN2 1NN' - the postcode for the Lincoln Registry Office),
3. Paste the name into Google Maps,
4. Look around for something or somewhere that you are as sure you can be that you have the right place then click on that location on the map (Lincoln Registry Office is marked on the map a few metres away from the postcode marker),
5. RIGHT click on the marker that you want the Geocode for and select the top result (a set of numbers) - the Geocode is then added to your clipboard,
6. Paste the Geocode into the Lat./Long. box in fH7.
Job Done.

I have found that the Maps window will put the new geocode onto the map as fast as you paste the Lat./Long in !

Hope this helps

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