Re: Editing Places in FH7

Robert Jordan

I am loath to say this but Mike Tate’s comment is way off the mark and he has already admitted to posting confusing comments on this matter on a different thread. I said yesterday that I would advise on methods to deal with your issue but Mike was unwise enough to contradict me before I had chance to give you the information.

You said that you have ONE record where the spelling is incorrect.

You may know of that particular record but if you are unsure the go to FIND type in the incorrect place spelling in the search field and uncheck all the boxes at the bottom except PLACE and MATCH CASE and then FIND NOW. It will list all the records where the incorrect spelling is listed. Then click DISPLAY RESULTS IN RESULTS WINOW.  That will give you a list of all the individual records and the fact which contains the incorrect PLACE. If you only have a few results then the quickest way would be to go into each record and change the spelling manually.

If there are many records to change the quickest way is to firstly change one INDIVIDUAL record to the correct spelling then go to Tools/Work with data/Places. Find the correct spelling and the incorrect spelling and highlight them and then MERGE. You can then choose, obviously, the correct spelling to merge the two records.

What FH does when a PLACE record is changed is to produce two PLACE RECORDS. One with the correct spelling and one with the incorrect spelling. Assuming that there is no longer any record containing the incorrect spelling, the first with a positive number of links and the second with 0 links (not one empty place record as suggested by Mike Tate).

To take the matter further FH builds up PLACE records with no links because it does not automatically delete those records.

If you wish to clean up your database and remove clearly unwanted and unused records then there are two options I take no credit for these. The first was suggested by Lorna Craig

You can do this in the Records window, because it remembers the last three sorts you have done and when you choose a new sort order it uses the previous sort order as a subsidiary sort. So you can sort by one category within another.

Click the column heading for Latitude/Longitude to bring all the places with no geocoding to the top of the list (I think the default sort order is ‘Sort Ascending’ but if not, right click on the column heading and choose Sort Ascending).

Then click the heading of the Links column to sort (ascending) by number of links. 

The places at the top of the list will now be those with neither links nor geocoding.

Add these to a named list and then use Lists > Empty Named List to delete the records in the list.

The second offered, I think, by Graham Kent, apologies if I have this wrong

  1. Make a copy of the PLACES query provided with fH7,
  2. On the Column tab, add a new column with a heading of "Links to" and an expression of "=LinksTo(%_PLAC%)",
  3. On the Rows tab, add a filter with condition of "Exclude unless", Expression is "%_PLAC.LATLONG%" and operator is "is null",
  4. On the Rows tab, add a filter with condition of "Exclude unless", Expression is "=LinksTo(%_PLAC%)" and operator is "is less than" and value is "1".

Both of these work fine.

Robert Jordan


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