Re: Sources vs. Citations

Trevor Rix

Thank you everyone for contributing.

@uhkh3tsccmz9 David
For census images I use Ancestral Sources to record the census year, census place, names ages occupations and places of birth for the people in the household. AS links the downloaded census image to those people. Switching back to FH, each person has the relevant census flag which in turn switches on the relevant census icon in diagrams. I have a routine that ensures that the census image shows in the property box media tab for all of the people concerned.

For images of baptisms, I name the downloaded image for example "1859 Frederick-Joe Bloggs & Sarah Smith". I link the image to the person baptised, recording the date and parish of the baptism. I assign a flag 'baptism image'. If there are images available of the baptism both from the parish register and from bishop's transcript and/or archdeacons transcript I download and link in all of those images. The flag switches on the relevant icon in diagrams.

For a birth and death events, if the information was from a GRO index I use for example "Q3 1873" for the date and say "Sudbury registration district" for the place, but do not assign a flag or icon. If the information was from a birth or death certificate I record the exact date and place as in parish/county/country (if outside the UK), link in a photograph of the certificate, assign a flag 'birth certificate' or 'death certificate' that in turn switches on the appropriate icons in diagrams. I have a complete collection of BMD certificates 1837 onwards for my ancestors.

I use a text scheme that displays birth baptism marriage death and burial dates and places in diagrams. So viewing that information and the associated icons for each person I can see at a glance in diagrams what I have and have not discovered which in turn prompts me where to research next.
"Can you easily corroborate from your images who their parents are?"
Yes, the linked in photographs of the certificates contain that information.

Yes, I intend handing on my research. Currently it will be digitally as in Family Historian projects that contain everything including the images. I have multiple copies on both physical media and in the cloud. My family are tech savvy so would easily understand the structure that I have described.

I see many topics and threads where people worry and fret about how to record sources and citations to conform with standards such as those promoted by Elizabeth Shown Mills. What I am saying is that such methods are now in my opinion old hat and unnecessary. Where source images are readily available people would do better to spend their time researching rather than spend hours/months/years trying to conform to those old standards.

For the my reasons above I consider that the whole concept of standards in Evidence Explained are now out of date and waste oodles of time that would be better spent researching. Yes, the content of websites may change and the images may be moved or disappear, but I have downloaded my source images so those concerns are not relevant.


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