Re: Sources vs. Citations

Adrian Bruce

On Sat, 7 Mar 2020 at 19:12, Jan Murphy <packrat74@...> wrote:
... I think understanding our source material enough to write a decent citation is more important than ever.
For me, the most important thing there is the understanding - actually
writing the citation in any specific format is of lesser importance,
providing you've reached that understanding and have stored it
somewhere (because I forget!)

A cautionary tale where I wish I'd made a note - I have a baptism
noted down from Haslington - all the details copied from the page,
fine. I just haven't written down where I got the data from - the
microfilm in the local library? Ditto in Chester Record Office? Ditto
in Manchester Central Library? I didn't write it down because I
thought it was all obvious... Ironically, it's not this baptism that I
want to enter into FH - it's another baptism that appears to be on the
same page that someone else has found. But that other baptism isn't in
the FindMyPast images - eventually I realised that the FamilySearch
camera operator had turned over two pages - the frame numbers are
visible in FMP and there's no omission there - but there is a big jump
in the dates, right over that baptism that I had previously collected.
This means that somewhere I *have* seen a film of the PR with the
omitted page - but I have 3 choices (that I remember!)

Like I said above - I'm happy with sticking this stuff into image
Metadata as a minimum (or annotations on PDFs which I can do in Adobe
Acrobat Reader. Usually). But I think it has to be stuck somewhere so
I can find the stuff again.


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