Re: Ancestral Sources 7

Mike Tate

If you are likely to need that smaller form a lot then design a new Census Template based on the existing one with a slightly different name.

e.g. US Census Ancestry

Probably other Census years on Ancestry will also have fewer columns, so you will add a new version for each year as necessary.

Since you are only deleting columns it should be easy to copy the existing 1940 template to your new 1940 template and just delete the columns.


If it really is a common type of Census form on Ancestry (and elsewhere) then maybe Nick will add those templates to AS or they could be shared in the FHUG Knowledge Base downloads.


Mike Tate


From: <> On Behalf Of Geoffrey Knott
Sent: 04 January 2021 11:08
Subject: [family-historian] Ancestral Sources 7



When using AS7 to input details from the 1940 US Census, the AS Template shows a lot of columns that do not appear in the census form - or at least, in the version of the census form that is shown by Ancestry. Using AS7 'auto text' the result is that in the 'text from source' tab of the source/citation in FH7 I have a lot of columns that are empty apart from the header. I can edit those colums in FH7 by laboriously deleting each header and then minimising the column width, but is there any straightforward way, either in AS7 before saving, or in FH7 after saving, to delete those columns altogether?


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