Re: Sources vs. Citations

Adrian Bruce

It's perfectly possible to add all the relevant data to an "image" as Metadata. I can, and do, add a load of stuff to the IPTC Metadata of a JPG. Not least because it might sit for ages in a folder before I create the source record in FH with the ancillary data that will form the citation. 

However, to me, going off to interrogate the Metadata is a bit of a pain, not least because I only have one program that shows the IPTC stuff. Better for me to have it all visible in FH. 

What the IPTC Metadata can't do (for space reasons) is record my logic about why the Fred Bloggs in this record is the Fred Bloggs in my data and not his cousin (say). That is what I put in the Source Record - once! Which is why I'm a Source Splitter. Other people may record that logic elsewhere. 

I might add that I am continually being burnt by people changing URLs - Record Offices (of all people) are dreadful for this, so a nice simple link in the Metadata will often fail.

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