QUERY: V7 icon size & spacing in diagrams compared to V6

Paul Terrill


I use icons on diagrams (via expressions) to flag individuals where I have their BMD certificates as well as census entries. I suspect a lot of others do this as well. I upgraded to version 7 yesterday. When I produced a diagram the icons were much smaller and more spaced out than when doing the same thing in V6. Presumably something has changed between versions as I hadn't changed any settings. I had a play to try and improve this but am not getting very far so wondered if anyone else has experienced this and has the solution please?

I've included a screen shot to show what it looks like in version 7. Not sure if I can find a previous version 6 for comparison as I don't have these flags when I save diagrams.

Hoping that someone can help.

Many thanks, PaulĀ 

(I thought I posted this yesterday but it didn't seem to come through so trying again).

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