Re: Sources vs. Citations

Mike Tate


OK, let us take an example or two.

Pick any person in your Project who has both a Birth Event and a Death Event recorded.

Can you easily corroborate from the attached images where you got the Date & Place of Birth and the Date & Place of Death?

Can you easily corroborate from your images who their parents are?

Repeat that process for each parent.

If you can answer ‘yes’ to such questions then your method works for you.


Do you intend to hand your research on to anyone else?

If you know who that might be, then perhaps ask them the same questions?


I don’t understand why having readily available images makes any difference.

Citations don’t have to involve great detail, but simply link each fact to a corroborating source record that could just be an image.


Regards, Mike Tate



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Subject: Re: [family-historian] Sources vs. Citations


Mike, sorry, I don't really understand your question. c99% of my source images are of 'official' public records such as census, baptisms, marriages, burials, wills etc. This topic, and many similar topics, discuss methods of recording sources and citations in great detail which was fine decades ago when images of source records were not available. In my opinion the widespread availability of source images renders such time consuming practices as both unnecessary and outdated. We now live in a completely different age.



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