Re: Local Note truncated in query

Mike Tate

Yes, in FH V6 it showed approximately the first 150 characters in a Note and terminated it with ellipsis … if longer.

FH V7 has radically changed and only shows the first sentence or first line and a maximum of about 70 characters.

With multiline text like yours, there is no simple workaround.

It was suggested to Calico Pie that it was a backward step and that there should be a function to force all (or at least more) text to be displayed.


The only unsuitable solution is the one in the FHUG KB ‘Display long text such as Notes’:


=Text( GetParagraph(%INDI.NOTE2%,1) . " " . GetParagraph(%INDI.NOTE2%,2) . " " . GetParagraph(%INDI.NOTE2%,3) )


But you would need to continue up to GetParagraph(%INDI.NOTE2%,7)


You could complain to Calico Pie with a support ticket.


Happy New Year, Mike Tate


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Sent: 28 December 2020 16:17
Subject: [family-historian] Local Note truncated in query


In v6 I had a query which returned an individual and their 1st Local Note  - %INDI.NOTE2[1]%
It concatenated all of the lines in the note.




Cavers, Roxburghshire, Scotland (03 April 1881)



Mason (Hewer) 

would display as:-
MARGARET SIBBALD  ADDRESSES: Cavers, Roxburghshire, Scotland (03 April 1881) OCCUPATIONS: Mason (Hewer) 

However in v7 it only displays the first line:-

I'm assuming that this is something to do with the change to using word processing.
Does anyone know if there is there a workaround


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