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Lorna Craig

I agree it's odd that if you want to select someone's second marriage as the root you have to browse for it, rather than having it offered automatically as one of the options.  

For the quickest way in the Focus window, instead of selecting Alfie click on the bar below his second partnership, where it says Married: followed by date and place (if you have the marriage date and place recorded).  This selects the appropriate family record, which is automatically displayed in the 'Select Root for ... Diagram' box.    Alternatively use the Records window Families tab to select the appropriate family record.

By the way, V7 has introduced this extra step when creating a diagram, by displaying the 'Select Root for ... Diagram' window.   But if you don't want it you can turn off this extra stage by using Tools>Preferences>Diagrams and ticking Enable One-Click Diagram Display from Toolbar.   This then gets you back to the way things worked in V6, so you can use whatever method you used in V6.


On 28/12/2020 16:32, Robert Jordan wrote:

There does seem to be something odd ( I will put it no stronger than that) about the new way one sets up a diagram.

The situation is this

Alfie Acre is married twice. His first wife is Betty Boo and his second wife is Candy Crush.

Now I wish to see an all relatives diagram of Alfie and Candy. In the records window I highlight Alfie and the all relatives icon and the choose couple. The only options are to choose Alfie and Betty or to browse for another. There is no option to choose Alfie and Cindy. If I click on browse I get a list of it seems like every record in my tree. The same thing happens if I work from the Focus window which shows Alfie twice once with Betty and once with Candy even if I highlight Alfie next to Candy the same thing happens.

I know there is a work around to highlight Alfie and Candy on the diagram and then request a new diagram and if one has set the workspace preference for diagrams appropriately FH will display both diagrams.

This does seem a long winded way to do what should be a relatively simple task.

Robert Jordan


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